Ziv Neurim’s unique model cultivates personal and group skills, enabling participants to experience success, often for the first time. This then facilitates their ability to succeed in school and in other endeavors in their lives, so that they can later become better people and contributing citizens.

The activity is conducted in groups in one of our three marine centers – Acre, Ashdod and Netanya, and participants include youth from all over the country, from all sectors.

The program is operated in conjuncture with formal educational frameworks and is approved and supervised by Division A of the Department of Education.

Activities take place twice a week during school hours or after school, and are led by trained instructors with educational backgrounds and vast marine experience.

Our unique model is based on five core elements: perseverance, physical fitness, responsibility, resilience, and the experience of success. Each of these is incorporated within a structured syllabus of varied marine activities. In addition, the instructor accompanies participants once a week in their educational institutions for personal discussions, group activities and help with homework. Using this holistic model, our educational staff is able to meet the participants in their various environments, strengthen the connection with them, boost their feeling of belonging, thereby increasing the overall positive impact.