Get to know the team  | 052-6503941

Eyal Rolnitzki, born 1956, joined Ziv Neurim in 2015, and has been CEO since 2018.
BA in Management from Ruppin Academic Center. Major (Reserves).
Sailing instructor, and Competitive Sailing instructor, so the sea is in his blood.  |  052-3675934

Gil Peretz, married +2, has been manager of Ziv Neurim’s Marine Center in Ashdod since 2009. He holds a teaching certificate and a marine professions teaching license from the Ministry of Education, and has long experience in teaching youngsters. He is certified as a Competitive Sailing instructor by the Wingate Institute, and trains competitors for the Israel Sailing Association, and  of course holds a skippers license.  | 052-3675934

Moran Niv, born 1987, married +1+dog, has been manager of the Acco Marine Center since 2016.

B.Sc. in Marine Science from Ruppin Academic Center, and M.Ed. from Oranim College, she holds a skippers license, sails in competitions, and is a Dive Master.

Moran is very experienced in cross-Atlantic sailing, and in instructing youngsters.  | 054-4776278

Dudy Ardon, born 1970, married to Tal, has 3 children, joined Ziv Neurim in 2017, and has been manager of the Netanya Marine Center since 2018.
Dudy is a professional surfer, at home in the sea, and a graduate of a course for rappelling instructors at Wingate Institute.
Dudy is a professional photographer, graduate of the Department of Photography of Hadassah Academic College, active in and lectures in studio photography. He specializes in marine sports photography, and owns a photography company, 42SURF PHOTOGRAPHY.
Dudy took almost all the amazing Ziv Neurim photographs.  | 052-3124237

Ya’ara Amir Ram, born 1972, Lieutenant (Reserves), is married to Dotan and has 3 children. A graduate of courses in management, event management, therapy via animal interaction and dance. Ya’ara has many years of experience in informal education, and has an innate love of the sea. She was a group instructor in Ziv Neurim at the Ashdod Marine Center from 2014. She has managed Ziv Neurim’s social project since 2018.  | 050-8230280

Ofer Hajaj, born 1972, married +1, Major (Reserves). MA in Clinical Criminology. Ofer has more than twenty years’ experience of teaching and management in formal and informal education, in particular with extremely problematic youngsters.
Ofer lectures and leads training workshops for educational staff and school principals, as well as providing guidance and therapy training.